Hey everyone, I’m the author of Social Justice Wario, and I’m here to apologize for a recent controversy.

A couple of days ago, flosephstalin, a Muslim woman of color with a lot of opposing views on many social-justice topics, left a response to one of my posts essentially saying that I should read a history book, and asserting some historical examples of white people being enslaved and the fact than men can be raped are examples of white male oppression. I responded in kind, with an image making fun of her suggestion to read a history book, and an image attacking her viewpoints featuring MRAio. The use of MRAio was meant as only tangentially related imagery, but a lot of people took it to mean I was calling her a white male MRA or something (a cursory glance at her blog made it clear she was none of those things so of course I knew she wasn’t), and that’s on me, and I apologize for that.

Here’s the main problem part, and I’m going to offer up personal information here, something I am loathe to do: I’m white. It is not in any way my business to go around telling PoC they are wrong regardless of what I think. No matter how much I ally myself to racial causes, ultimately as a person of color her word trumps mine on those topics and I should have just left her opinion alone. I apologize to flosephstalin for that and I apologize to everyone else who is unhappy with my actions regarding that situation.

Part of being a good ally is shutting up and listening to groups of people you don’t belong to when they have something to say about oppression, even if you completely disagree, and as I forgot in this situation, even if their opinion goes against the typical “socially just” way of thinking. Floseph gets her opinions from her own lived experiences and it’s not my place to question them. People constantly send me asks telling me what a great learning experience my blog has been for them, but for every thing I teach, I also learn a little bit more about social justice myself. I intend to use this incident as a learning opportunity for myself, and I hope some of my followers can as well.

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    A good ally knows when something is wrong, inconsistent, hypocritical, or unhelpful, REGARDLESS of who is the person...
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